Advertise your NFT project

Looking to show your upcoming NFT release or other crypto related project to a dedicated group of users? Advertising on NiftyRiver puts you in front of both experienced NFT buyers and those new to the space.

Banner Ads

You can have your project shown at the top of every major page on our site with a banner ad (also known as a leaderboard). You will be able to customize a desktop banner and a mobile banner. This advertisement is NOT shown to any of our Premium users.

Banner Ad

To get started with a Banner Ad:

  1. Click here to visit our advertising portal
  2. Select the type of ads you are interested in purchasing (ie. Mobile/Desktop)
  3. Choose the time period you want your ads to run
  4. Set your spending parameters (ie. maximum spend per day, bid price, etc)
  5. Upload all of your media (banner image, link, etc)
  6. Submit the order- you will then be contacted by an associate to collect payment for your ad campaign. Note that no ads will be shown until payment is received. Major tokens like ETH, USDC, USDT, etc are accepted as a form of payment.

Other Promotions

If you have any other questions or ideas for promotions, you can send inquiries to [email protected] or message slipery in the niftyriver discord server.