Dynamic Dexbots, the NFT that changes based on crypto prices

Posted August 24th 2022
Updated October 5th 2022
Dynamic Dexbots, the NFT that changes based on crypto prices

If you've been into the NFT scene for any length of time, you might have noticed that Smart NFTs or Dynamic NFTs have been talked about for a while, as the next wave of NFT technology.

But what are they?

Put simply, they're NFTs that change or alter based on external conditions.

So what kind of conditions could change or alter these NFTs? They might be linked to the time of day, for example, becoming something else at night. Or they might be linked to your progress in your favourite blockchain game, updating as you get more experience.

Or, as in the case of our latest project – Dynamic Dexbots – they might change depending on the price of a particular cryptocurrency they're paired with.

So, for example, a Dexbot paired with Ethereum will be green and loving life if Eth is up, or they'll be red and hating themselves if Eth is down. What's even cooler – and pretty freaking revolutionary – is each Dexbot will update automatically on Twitter if you link it through our site official dexbots.io.

Now if that isn't a use case that'll appeal to the masses, we don't know what is!

NFTs will soon become living, breathing objects. No longer can people claim NFTs are just dumb jpegs. We're about to see utility and use cases for our NFTs the likes of which we couldn't have even imagined merely 6 months ago.

What's next? Well, we have LOTS of ideas where we can take this newly developing tech. We're super passionate about NFT technology and determined to do our bit to innovate and push this space forwards.

Dexbots release information is still under wraps. Follow us on Twitter for the latest most up-to-date info. And to see our Dexbot update in real time!

By the way, it's always better when the little guy is in the green!

A former screenwriter, in 2020 John co-founded Ultra Rare, a digital collectibles, comics and games company based in the UK. During this time he has created and overseen multiple IPs, including the highly successful Horrors series, and brought the iconic horror franchise, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, to the blockchain.

Dexbots already has a team of eight and post mint we'll be recruiting more staff to continue to grow the Dexbots brand and IP. All of our vacancies will be listed with our official Web3 recruitment partners jobs3.io so keep an eye out.


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