Get Hitched in Style with the Taco Bell Decentraland Wedding Contest

Posted August 29th 2022
Get Hitched in Style with the Taco Bell Decentraland Wedding Contest

If you’re a fan of Taco Bell and have ever dreamed about getting married in virtual reality, it could be your lucky day. Taco Bell and Decentraland have teamed up to offer one lucky couple the chance to get married this fall in the popular decentralized metaverse.

Beginning today, August 25th until September 6th, committed couples can apply by submitting a video that describes why they want to be married in the metaverse, their love story, and of course, their passion for Taco Bell. The Web3 wedding will be held in Decentraland’s replica of Taco Bell’s Las Vegas Wedding Chapel and Cantina.

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Through the intriguing contest, one lucky couple will receive expert guidance in the ways of the metaverse wedding, curated by an exclusive team who will then customize the event to the bride and groom’s exacting standards. The result will be a magical virtual ceremony at the exceptional Taco Bell venue in Decentraland.

As part of the initiative, the nearly newlyweds can curate their own bespoke guestlist, with all those in attendance granted access via a set of specially designed Decentraland wearables. Furthermore, Taco Bell will also grace proceedings with an additional visitation from as yet unrevealed special guests. All capped off with a jam-packed Taco Bell goodie bag including promotional SWAG, gift cards and collectibles.

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Taco Bell’s wedding package includes:

  • A marriage certificate memento NFT.
  • A metaverse wedding ceremony and reception on the 3D virtual world browser Decentraland.
  • A unique NFT invitation to the Metaverse Wedding.
  • Virtually custom wedding attire.
  • A legal wedding officiant.

After the couple is officially married and the ceremony concludes, guests wearing exclusive NFT wearables will be invited to Taco Bell’s signature Cantina and public reception room.

Taco Bell will live stream the metaverse wedding as the couple exchange virtual vows for the avatar-less guests.

Taco Bell is well-known for putting a unique spin on Vegas elopements with its Las Vegas Cantina’s Wedding Package.

The Decentraland Cantina will continue to provide Taco Bell fans with new and innovative ways to interact with the brand within the metaverse. Taco Bell’s metaverse wedding was created in collaboration with the creative agencies Deutsch LA and The Electric Factory.

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