barrelDAO Brings Solana-Based Collectibles to the Beer Can

Posted August 30th 2022
barrelDAO Brings Solana-Based Collectibles to the Beer Can

Deep within the folds of the digital space, the Solana ecosystem continues its flirtation with the physical world. This time around, leveraging the fundamental law that anything can be improved with beer.

With this purest of all worldly concepts in mind, decentralized alcohol producer, barrelDAO has taken to the fermentation tanks with gusto. As a result, brewing up its very own celebration of the finest collectibles within the Solana-based infrastructure. The eventual crowning achievement arriving as a bewildering mix of soft drink and beer for the slightly saccharine sounding, “Solana Summer Lemonade Shandy”.

Each beverage comes resplendent with a specially commissioned design by master of the digital easel, Mark Lauthier. It takes its inspiration from over 40 different Solana-based NFT PFP collections, including DeGods, OKAY Bears, Degenerate Apes, Cets on Creck and much more. Of the images used, barrelDAO owns 20 of the featured collectibles, while the remaining 23 were subject to licensing agreements with their owners.

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Every NFT resembles a receipt entitling the owner to a 16-pack of Solana Summer Shandy. However, 17 NFTs are now listed on Magic Eden with a floor price of 2.69 SOL ($79.61). Each NFT will be redeemable for a beer which is a 4% AVB lemonade shandy. Though, these beers are not official products of Solana Labs!

NFT artist Mark Lauthier designed the artwork for the beer can which features Degenerate Ape Academy, Okay Bears, Thugbirdz, DeGods, Solana Monkey Business, Catalina Whale Mixer, Cets on Creck, and John Lê’s “The First Edition”.

BarrelDAO owns 20 of the NFT avatars featured on designs while others were made available for use via licensing agreement with the original owners of the NFTs.

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