The Chicago Bulls Head to Coinbase for Fine Art NFT Drop

Posted September 11th 2022
The Chicago Bulls Head to Coinbase for Fine Art NFT Drop

The Chicago Bulls launched an NFT collection during the summer of 2021 called the Chicago Bulls Legacy Collection that highlighted its six-year championship history. Now, it’s back in Web3 for more. Starting later this month, the basketball franchise will launch an NFT set featuring 23 1/1 artworks reimagining its logo. Here are all the details.

  • The Bulls logo has been around since 1966 when Dean Wessel created it
  • The 23 Web3 artists selected to reimagine the logo include Chicago natives
  • Bobby Hundreds, Gxng Yxng of Ghxsts, and the Deadfellaz founders will participate
  • None of the NFT logos will replace the actual Bulls logo
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Some of the greatest artists in the NFT sphere have lent their considerable talents to the project, including Deadfellaz, Gxng Yxng, Mike Fogg, LOGIK, Shay the Surrealist, and many more. Every artist has created a piece with a highly unique take on the mighty white, black and red raging bull logo. As a result, Coinbase will host a 24-hour auction for all 23 1/1 artworks, with a starting bid of 0.2 ETH.

Following the sale, Coinbase will split the proceeds four ways, with the artists and the bulls receiving 40% each, the NBA taking away 10% and the rest reserved for ‘After School Matters’. A Chicago-based non-profit charity with a goal to help underprivileged youth.

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Claire Salvo, who interpreted the Bulls logo with ballpoint pen on paper, said that she grew up in the 1990s watching the Bulls teams play. It was a time when athletes were becoming pop culture icons, and that era is nostalgic for her.

The Bulls previous NFT set, involving images of the six championship rings, had many IRL utilities for holders. As of now, the Bulls have not announced any such utility for “The Aurochs” NFT collection. We’ll keep an ear to the ground for any further developments in this story.

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