Tommy Hilfiger Gives Away Free NFTs at NYFW

Posted September 14th 2022
Tommy Hilfiger Gives Away Free NFTs at NYFW

Web3 is known for innovation. From blockchain games to cryptocurrency, it seems every market cycle something new emerges that captures the imagination of the public. Now, at New York Fashion Week, one designer has added a layer of intrigue to non-fungible tokens: an easy, accessible way to collect them, simply by tapping a design on the wall.

The site of the innovation was the Tommy Hilfiger fashion show designed as a recreation of Andy Warhol’s “Factory.” All 1,200 invited guests, which included Kate Moss, Travis Barker, and street artist Mr. Brainwash, had the option of receiving a limited-edition Tommy Hilfiger NFT — a moving picture of Hilfiger taking a Polaroid in Warhol’s color-blocked style.

To do so, all the guests needed to do was tap their mobile phone to an NPC, which is a tag that authenticates the physical item it is attached to. The team at the Hilfiger show put the NPCs on the walls of the “Factory,” so that guests were able to simply tap their phone and receive the NFT.

The drop was also notable in that it required no cryptocurrency. Guests were able to download the NFT straight into a digital wallet with no thought of gas fees. That made the process simple and easy, a reflection in how some brands want to integrate Web3 into their events. It also calls to mind the word “phygital” or the meshing between digital and physical worlds.

Designer Tommy Hilfiger said that the 2022 Fashion Show was a “multiverse experience.” Guests were able to receive their NFTs in under a minute, and he looks forward to exploring the intersection between Web3 and fashion further down the road.

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The fashion house continues to explore the Web3 space and on Sunday, Tommy Hilfiger walked the Metaverse ramp too. The brand cat walked on a parallel, virtual show that took place simultaneously on the metaverse, on the video game platform Roblox that’s inhabited with avatars.

Hilfiger said, “If you look at the millions of gamers in the world — many of them in Asia, by the way — you’re reaching an audience that you would not normally reach through physical fashion.”

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