Balmain Announces NFT Membership for Paris Fashion Week

Posted September 28th 2022
Balmain Announces NFT Membership for Paris Fashion Week

In a press release issued Tuesday, French fashion house Balmain announced that it has partnered with MINTNFT to launch an NFT membership program. The first set of members will come before Paris’s Fashion Week, where Balmain has an annual event. Here are all the details.

  • The company is calling the NFT membership program “The Balmain Thread”
  • It will eventually have up to 10,000 members in its program
  • The members will receive a variety of rewards, including access to new NFT drops
  • Balmain will not require members to have knowledge of crypto to participate

Txampi Diz, Balmain’s CMO, said that The Balmain Thread will build upon the company’s strategy to explore new areas to engage its fanbase. Dubbed the “Balmain Army,” this fanbase will receive access to in-person and digital events through the program, as well as have community voting privileges.

The first venture of The Balmain Thread will appear at Balmain’s Paris Fashion Week event. Users will be able to take photos with their mobile devices and have these moments minted on the blockchain. The company has said that NFTs will be an ongoing part of the program, with more details to come.

The program will run on the XRP Ledger, a blockchain known for its environmental friendliness. According to the XRP Ledger website, the blockchain is fast, energy efficient, and reliable. A global community of developers serves as its leadership. MINTNFT will oversee the community’s security, using video verification technology to confirm Balmain Thread’s authenticity.

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“[..]my goal has always been to ensure that this house’s designs are timeless and tied together by a unifying thread. And it’s important to never break that thread—because the moment that happens… well, that would mean that you’ve failed. That would mean that you haven’t been able to extend a clear vision or advance a distinct aesthetic,” says Balmain Creative Director Olivier Rousteing.

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