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Create beautiful assets from awesome pictures of elements to finally form the moon. Always looking for new inspiration of what element should be created next. Write me on twitter if you want to help me out. Every chosen idea will be rewarded with the first mint of this asset for free. Brainstorming and the creation itself take some time - please be patient. :) Trying to create new elements every week. A project is planned if there's enough demand for this NFTs. The idea is to set up an outer space map, and every owner of 3D Moons can claim his "Moon" on this map. Other assets of this collection can be staked on this moons - rewarded by a new formed token. I'm a webdeveloper myself, but I'm pretty new to blockchain technology - if anyone knows some advice for creating a new token on WAX Blockchain - please let me know. :) The basic elements can be purchased, other elements can be claimed by blending Follow me on twitter for updates and free giveaways. #tothemoon.
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