Armies of Power

Armies of Power
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The year is 2048. Cryptocurrency decentralized finance–and military power came next. In this new world, the Cryptowealth, assets equal power and the war is now in your wallet. This is where you become a force to be reckoned with. This is Armies of Power. Build your army. Train your troops. Craft rare, powerful assets. And stay frosty as you earn passive loot in the ever-evolving Ryp Wars–or you could be the one who gets burned. Armies of Power is a fiercely competitive collectible card game with passive earning and incoming PVE/PVP. Command massive military might utilizing the RYP currency in the upcoming Ryp Shop to crush those who stand in your way. RYP is the worldwide standard coin used to grow power and profit in the future, and currently on Alcor in our time period. Don't miss your shot. It's time to grow your power to your true potential and play like your wallet depends on it. Because peace won't last forever. RYP WARS EARNING BETA: POWERPAPER: LEADERBOARDS: TWITTER: DISCORD: BLENDS: PACK OPENING:
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