Auto Snacks

Auto Snacks
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A long time ago there was a dealership and a gas station. While Bernie and Carl (the 2 owners of the shops) were bickering about who is better, they did not know about the scientist who lived below them. That not so evil scientist was working on a bonding agent that had the power to fuse any amount of objects together. The reason he is not so evil is because he was trying to take his mean aunt Gorgena and mix her with a cute cuddly puppy. But one day Carl was minding his own business counting the money for that month's rent, then all of a sudden people were all of a sudden lining up at the gas station wanting gas. That’s when people were getting mad and out of nowhere. Some random guy walks up to the owner and says “Give me gas or I cut the pump!” Then when he didn’t get what he wanted, He cuts the pump then all of the gas fumes went into a pipe that lead to the scientist’s base after all that time (which was 2 years) He finished the bonding agent and all he had to do was heat it up and he was done ,while the fumes were still making there way down, the scientist, Revert, was putting the barrel full of the concoction on the burner and he had finally finished it but oh no he left the burner on but good thing he left it on to make 20 more barrels full. After he finished he left the burner on again but this time he wasn’t making it again then the fumes from the gas had finally reached the base where all of the bonding agent was at or what Revert called z3. We all know what happens when you mix fire with gasoline if you don’t know well basically you make a homemade bomb with no count down. And that time the whole base blew up and z3 immediately started bonding cars with gas station snacks and that was how AUTO SNACKS was born.
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