Blue Wizard Legacy

Blue Wizard Legacy
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Based on true events. Bluwizlegacy is an NFT-ART project that depicts actual events that occurred in the past. When the community was still growing, a person came across wax blockchain, he became interested in NFTs, particularly in collection "bitcoin origins", and he began to purchase every NFT regardless of how much wax it may have cost him (This basis of our chapter 1 the presence.). Later, he stopped/slowed down purchasing and began distributing community puzzles. Claiming to want to train young minds by giving them puzzles (the basis of our second chapter) (blue puzzles). Then the community discovered it was a set-up so he could launch his wiz coin, and as soon as people invested money in that wiz coin, it was dumped. If you want to learn more about these plot-twisting events. join us @ Discord , Reddit , Twitter , Telegram , medium ,Telegram Channel
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