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Box Maze World
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Box Maze World is based on a burn 2 earn power level system. The higher your power level the more you earn. To increase your power level you must infuse equipment (burn the NFTs). Each power level will have a fixed amount of tokens you will be able to earn/claim. When you start out, you will need to claim your tokens every two hours, this is where the tier system comes into play, tiers are increased as you increase your power level, so as an example if you reach power level 11 you unlock tier 2 mining which increases your claim time from two hours to four hours, if you reach power level 21 you unlock tier 3 mining which increases your claim time to six hours (an adjusted way of how memberships work. There are no max tool slots, your focus will be on your power level and tier. Players will benefit by infusing as much as possible to a single account as having a level 11 account unlocks tier 2, but having 2 x level 6 accounts leaves you on tier 1. Players are incentivized to infuse their NFTs into a single account. Power levels are permanent and can never be reduced, they can only increase the more power you feed them. The game will feature all-new features like Burn2Earn, Whitelist packs, new gamified ways to earn legendary and mythic, and much more. Play Now: Whitepaper: Website: Discord: Twitter: Medium: NeftyBlocks: AtomicHub:
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