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Grab your burgers. BBurgestyles is a a collection with nft burgers with different names,colors,design,templates that makes it unique. Every type of burger will have 3 editions(simple,rare,leggendary). Simple edition - max supply 10. Rare edition - max supply 3. Legendary - max supply 1. Unique - max supply 1(a unique burger means that type of burger will have only this edition without simple,rare and legendary). So with this more types of burgers will be in this collection,the value of a burger to be get by design,not by the number of mints but also this thing have a impact about the value of it. Every type of burger will have preminted versions (for example a simple edition of a burger will have only 5 minted version but the supply can increase when all of ten editions will be full minted). Also on social media page you can check the info about burgers,promos and nftdrops so keep in touch. With this collection the nft burgers are here to buy it. Grab your burgers.
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