Cat Head Punks

Cat Head Punks
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Cat Head Punks - oldest collection on WAX (founded April 5, 2021) from professional artists. The first series includes 100 original images. Some of the tokens in the possession of the project can be burned in order to increase the rarity of some cards. The illustrations are specially designed in a minimalist style that refers to the eight-bit graphic style that was characteristic of computer graphics in the early days of the Internet and computer games. Also, the authors focused on the primitive culture of the ancient tribes - totem masks. Today, for many people, such totem animals are their pets, the first among which are cats. Therefore, our choice fell on this particular animal. The authors hope that their NFT will bring you warmth and good luck, as real cats do. The authors think that today's world, as well as many years ago, is on the verge of a new breakthrough in information technology, the leader of which is the NFT industry. Today we are trying and developing to become smarter tomorrow. ------------- Telegram: ------------- Discord: ------------- OpenSea:
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