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Cigale Pixel Cigale Pixel is a collection made for pixel amateurs. I create small bits of art, most of the time associated with limited-time games, blends, or any fun stuff my mind want me to do. I started with fan-art of collections I love, and now I'm creating games and growing my community with investments in other games too, like Wombat and Taco. Join and have fun ! Dodo Care Center The Dodo Care Center is a Discord game where you can take care of dodos, leave for adventures with them, help them grow, build your own Dodo city and pledge war against other camps ! Launched on 2022 Pixel Fighters Pixel Fighters is a new RPG game on Discord. Weapons and equipment are your NFTs, and you can fight monsters, do jobs, level up, manage your skills and craft new shiny equipments and items ! Launched on 2023
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