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ClashDome is in constant expansion and already hosts a bunch of casual PvP games: Pool, Puzzles, Match3, Tower Defense. Compete against other players and earn the token LUDIO each time you win. Besides the Free Tier we also host more competitive matches where the most confident players pay a WAX entry fee and get it doubled (-5% fee) if they win. `` Cool thing is ClashDome keeps it quite casual and it's an easy to learn project. The game is only as demanding as you want, meaning you have enough features to deep dive into or keep it as casual as your busy agenda allows. `` N|Solid Active players that take part in ClashDome's activity have a Citizen. A Citizen is nothing more than your in-game character. Citizens live in a future society were they basically stay at home, earning their sallary by playing Arcade games 24/7. We have weekly competitions and events, so there's plenty to do in our community of players! *Even if you don't own a ClashDome Citizen, when you try to play on your Hall you will receive a Trial Dummy. Trial Dummies are a more basic version of Citizens but still will allow you trying all our games. LINKS TO DYOR AND LEARN MORE ABOUT CLASHDOME Citizens’ Info Mining Metagame ClashDome’s Linkedin ``
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