Colorful Life

Colorful Life
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This collection is not based on one idea or topic. It has an assortment of fun NFT's all designed and created by me, Sonny, or @iHustleFor_It on Twitter. I wanted to make a collection that had something for everyone. In this montage of NFT's you will find various subjects such as the following: UFO's and Aliens, World Flags, American Flags, Skulls and Skeletons, very cheap NFT's for burning backed tokens, Tributes, World History, Promos, Free Drops, and much more. By the time this collection is full there will be a NFT for everyone and if there is a category or subject you want to see, just let me know. There is no game attached but I will be trying to add some utility and see who I can possibly work with to be able to stake. As you will see I price my stuff pretty cheap and there are 3 reasons why I do that. 1. Because I want the little guy to have a chance too. Nothing worse than only having 5 wax and not being able to buy something you want. 2. I don't want to inflate anything. I want my collectors and buyers to determine the prices. If you guys consider them more valuable than what I drop them for then the secondary market will reflect it. 3. I am a nobody in the NFT space. I don't have a huge Twitter following, no youtube videos, no-one shilling for me, no discord, and of course no promises of making you rich. I am just a guy trying to create cool NFT's people want to collect and also help design. Follow me on Twitter and never miss a free drop. I'm a very giving person so I will randomly reward people as well. Follow me @iHustleFor_It My Discord Handle: iHustleForIt#9181 About me: I am a abled "disabled" veteran from Virginia, USA. Now that I have a lot of time on my hands I figured I would start creating NFT's for the world. I was in the army for a few years and afterwards became a security contractor. After getting injured in Iraq I opened a brick and mortar store selling vintage collectibles and antiques, so naturally I gravitated to the NFT space so I could collect more. I never imagined sharing my art with other people but NFT's have given me that opportunity, so I am taking it. It also brings me great satisfaction to see others enjoy the things I create. I have always had a passion for creating art and as long as I am breathing, I will continue making it. Each sale is a blessing and I greatly appreciate every single one of you that spend one penny on something I've made. This isn't about the money for me. The satisfaction comes from creating it and from others enjoying it. That being said, if you support me and purchase things I create, in time you will be rewarded. I am doing this full time now and I have some great things in store. I appreciate every single one of you and I hope that my art can bring you all a little happiness. Greatly appreciative, Thank You. Nefty: Secondary:
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