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Cryptobabes trading cards is a collection of sexy babes cards to collect and exchange . Designed from 3D models created and designed with passion by Kosapan. Their low minting and one of a kind hand crafting ( no scripted minting of 10000's of cards in a minute, no army of underpaid artists to draw the cards) make them even more desirable and collectible than other trading cards NFT's. To know about the latest releases and drops, to receive tangible goodies like sticker versions of your favorite crypto babe check out : to discuss this collection and other NFT's About Kosapan I'm a french graphic designer and web designer since 1993. I'm now designing blotter art, stickers and NFT's. I own and I design (and game) under the name of Kosapan . On Facebook the group "blotter art collecting" and the page "blotter art l'art du buvard" that I own, are my main hangouts.
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