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"CryptoMatria" is a puzzle solving/mini game NFT project. You can play by decoding ciphers using a "cipher key chart". -----------------INSTRUCTIONS------------------- How to decode your CryptoMatria NFT.? -Each NFT comes with a cipher key chart. This chart is used to decipher the numbers on your NFT. Match the numbers to their corresponding letters. These letters will spell out your NFT's hidden message! Note Each number can represent up to four letters with the number 7 only representing two letters, "G" and "T". Use the hint given with each NFT to determine which combination of corresponding letters makes sense. -----------------------THEME------------------------ The theme for this NFT collection is "Cryptocurrency" ! ! ! Each cipher follows the theme of Cryptocurrencies. Featuring your favorite Crypto cultural phrases, lingo, coins, and more! ✅Puzzle Cards Checklist: ✅Unlock Packs Here: 🎁Come Join The Community on Discord for News, Drops, Giveaways, & more!
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