cXc Music NFTs

cXc Music NFTs
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Top 100 Collection Wallets that hold the most cxcmusicnfts assets will be dropped a free Hip-Hop Music NFT monthly by cXc’s founder, and bonus daily token drops. About cXc is a democratic map of NFT-enabled music. Artists compete to receive Ups with our token BLUX and upcoming SOL, the fuel to climb local charts, and when you reach the top, you compete with artists in the state, and can grow to national recognition, and become a global sensation. Plus, your ups pay artists BLUX, and Top-Charters receive out premier token PURPLE which can be staked for daily Ups. Support rising stars, and be a part of their journey. Own pieces of musical history, and help it be made by supporting your favorite artists with a NFT purchase. Artists are full-primary recipients of our NFT sales To help artists all over, we also wrote a Music NFT standard for Atomichub any artist can use for free. Dive into cXc Preview the Revolution Keep Jammin, Douglas cXc Chief
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