Dust and Blood

Dust and Blood
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Mercenary Art Studio presents Dust and Blood, an original graphic novel from writer Jim Berry and veteran illustrator, Val Mayerik, details the day of The Battle At The Little Big Horn (Greasy Grass). This thrilling tale details the day of The Battle at The Little Big Horn through the eyes of Greenhaw, a 7th Cavalry scout on one side of the battlefield, and Slowhawk, a young Lakota warrior on the other. Featuring appearances of Sitting Bull, G.A. Custer, and Crazy Horse, as well as generous portions of meticulously researched history on every page, the book’s art has been lauded as tremendously beautiful—each page worthy of hanging on the wall as a solo piece. Our goal is to produce a product that focuses on a compelling drama while also being as historically accurate as possible via quotes and documented actions on every piece. There will be featured appearances by the famous protagonists of the day - G.A. Custer, Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse - but we’ve chosen to focus on two fictional characters, and use them as lenses to show what it might have been like on that hot afternoon in 1876 for two ordinary men pressed into battle. Find out more info about our upcoming game Monster Strike and our non-custodial staking Collector Point Platform. Earn passive income by holding any of our other three NFT collections. All NFTs in Little Monsters, Dust and Blood and Fantasy io WAX collections are eligible for the Mercenary Art Studio Collector Points non-custodial staking program. Each month in addition to your qualified airdrops you will receive a number of Monster Tokens which can be kept in your WAX Wallet and used in our upcoming game Monster Clash, purchasing drops directly, upgrading your NFTs, LP rewards and more. Little Monsters Collection Dust and Blood Collection Fantasy io Collection For more info on our collections and collector point program: Collector Score Point Breakdown Discord Whitepaper Join us nightly on Twitch at 6pm PDT nightly for NFT Giveaways: Twitch
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