Empire Duels

Empire Duels
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Unique player-centric NFT game that focuses on strategic gameplay Empire Duels is a multi-chain blockchain game that lets you experience the thrill of building and growing your own business in a competitive, value-based economy. With a focus on trade, production, and investment, players will have to use their strategic thinking and business savvy to navigate the challenges of the market and emerge as a successful entrepreneurs. As a member of a family, you'll have the chance to expand by trading with other players and eventually owning a part of your family's business. Using a value-based economy, you'll have to master the core loop of production, trade, and investment in order to grow your empire and become a dominant player in the market. The only token used in the game is EDL (Empire Coin) - its unique position as the only token used in the game gives it a strong foundation for success. As such, Empire Coin could potentially see significant appreciation in value as the game becomes more popular and the economy grows. The year is 1920, the world is thriving on the lucrative business of the demand and supply of energy, and Oil is at the forefront of this revolution. Many groups have tried their hand at being at the top of this business, but they have yet to be able to dethrone the power and influence of the three prominent families in this business. https://twitter.com/empireduels https://discord.gg/empireduels https://facebook.com/empireduels
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