Esthetic Monte

Esthetic Monte
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The Resurrection of Modern Surrealism. The Tyche (tie-kee) Collection embodies the absurdity of my wildest dreams and the slippery meaning of reality in one beautiful paradox. It plays with our sense of reality and fantasy while hiding secret messages and thoughtful concepts within beautifully designed cards. A set of 18 cards, 8 Stickers, and 1 Puzzle (9 pieces). Collect and Blend cards, stickers, and puzzle pieces to acquire higher-level assets. Specific Scarce cards will be eligible for future utilities not limited to, but will include; Airdrops, Free Packs, and Promo Items. The Tyche Collection remains an example of how reimagining ourselves can be the definitive step toward changing our world. Our mission is to unleash the unconscious by circumventing the control of the conscious mind through modern surreal images.
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