Exodus: Our Universe NFT Collection

Exodus: Our Universe NFT Collection
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About Exodus: Our Universe Exodus: Our Universe is a hyper-real experience in which players can do virtually anything from socializing and free play, the creation and building of homes and other structures to business development, advertising, and networking. In Exodus: Our Universe, a platform built on creativity and collaboration, aspiring to bring together cultures, education, brands, and perspectives, players can reach beyond physical limits to discover a metaverse filled with endless opportunities. Players will be able to purchase residential properties in 1 acre, 4 acre or 9 acre plots or can opt to purchase 2km sq or 4km sq sized lots zoned for commercial use at the partnership level. Habitable and developable properties can be found on Sanctuary, the central planet and are available for purchase from the Exodus website and other marketplaces; once property has been acquired, new property owners will now be able to adventure further into the Metaverse on a quest to unlock their property's valuable potential. Buildings, farmland, services, and the production of valuable commodities will allow players to advance within the game and increase property value, generating income-earning opportunities through the rental or sale of developed properties through the marketplace. Pairing profitability and entertainment, Exodus: Our Universe allows players to form and join alliances, establish bases, and wage wars against wily foes. Meanwhile, they can enjoy battle-themed manufacturing, rental, and purchasing features. Users can mine and process different materials to enable crafting and further research to earn the in-game currency, $Aurum. Accommodating users of all types, from the battle-hungry and overachievers to the social butterflies and brave explorers, players can spend $Aurum on the planets and in future games that reside within the Exodus: Our Universe. Moreover, true to the spirit of bringing communities together, tokens partnered with Exodus can be acceptable forms of payment within the Exodus: Our Universe area called Polaris, the spawning ground for players. Taking Web 2.0 to the uncharted territory of Web 3D, Exodus: Our Universe has been created with Unreal Engine 5 while boasting true-to-life lighting and shadows with Lumen and robust universes with Nanite technology. Further enriching the immersive experience, the Metahuman feature will allow players to be themselves in the Metaverse. With facial scanning software, create a 3D avatar with life-like scale and quality with ease.
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