Faded Monsuta

Faded Monsuta
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Introducing a wild and fantastical Trading Card Game concept, Faded Monsutas provides entertaining gameplay and strategies at the expense of its slew of paraphernalia pals. Collect, trade and battle against friends to reign supreme and gain the crown of Grand Fademon Champion. Who knows what rewards await the lucky winner at the top of the mountain. Balance your deck with Attackers, Tanks, Support, Healers and Hybrids. An unbalanced deck will make your Faded Monsutas easy prey for a well trained Monsuta Cardshark. Not sure you have what it takes to compete? Then stake your NFT cards to get new NFTs that are only unlockable through crafting! Battle or Harvest new Faded Monsutas, it's your world! Check out our main Social Media Page at https://twitter.com/FadedMonsuta
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