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Have you taken your Meds yet??? Our Narrator finds/creates them ( sometimes a full story ) charged with filings, every rarity has a different amount off it.We don't suppress feelings but let them out. Feelings are a state of being to them, love,hate, dance the hole sharad. *Feelings . ..i guess ho ever gets most emotional wins.        *Meds have gatherings/riots/our card game off 2,5 and 10 meds , will the feelings hold?         *You can buy them sell,trade , play them just remember  most of the time , at least one Med , will leave your collection for the wining side, they are so deeply moved sometimes.      Step 1: Get your Med NFT’s the more the better. Step 2 : Choose 2 or more NFT s depending on Feeling power and strategy. Step 3 : Make a print screen a picture or link proving your wallet . Step 4 : Show it off on social media against other players. That’s how we play the game… 》》 This game will not be playable with our own smart contracts. It will be playable on social media. 》YouTube.= 》Discord = 》Twitter = 》Website =
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