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Good day, friends. My name is Parf and I am the creator of the funnyfingers collection. I produce collections under the ParfCo brand. My account on the site - i3wau.wam In this collection, it is my hands and fingers that are used. Without hands and fingers, we wouldn't be able to be who we are. Our hands are capable of many things, they can do things that we never dreamed of. This collection of NFT tokens funnyfingers, I dedicate to our hands and fingers. The NFT collection of fun gestures that our hands can demonstrate is divided into two parts. The first is static photos of various gestures with comments. In total, the collection will include about 30 types of gestures. Each NFT card with a gesture will be released in three series. The first series is labeled: #001, #002, #003, and so on until #030. You can see how they look in my collection. At the moment, versions from #001 to #017 are ready and are already available for purchase. Welcome to my store on AtomicHub. Each NFT token is limited to the number of 555! The second part consists of animated gif files compiled from the first part of the collection. Most often, these are two images, but there are options with three or more. Each of the gif versions of NFT, also limited to the number 555. Several gif versions are already ready. It will be marked: Combination # 01, Combination # 02, Combination # 03, etc. (see the description of the NFT card by clicking on it with the mouse). There are still several promo tokens ready, their number is limited to 999. Any of the NFT cards can be purchased separately or in sets, as you prefer. Fingers are given to a person to show, guide and demonstrate. So let's not waste time. Welcome to my world of funny fingers! Join my telegram group and get the latest news first!
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