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Giant Giraffe Media is the overarching company over Giant Giraffe Gang NFTs, The Life: For Granted made for TV animated series, and the currently in developement Crypto Creature Clash Collectible NFT Card Trading Game. The Team consists of 6 members: Cole Grant: Co-Founder, Producer, Writer and CEO Chris (skegvegas): Co-Founder and head Animator Jerod Stillwell (Overseas Madman): Co-Founder and Voice Actor Sam Wilson (TickTickTimeDev): Lead Game designer Tom P. Willis: Head Social Media Manager Bringing their talents together, The team hopes to change the way we do media in Web 3 by offering stakeholders various utilities including chance appearances of their NFTs on the show in the form of costumes for the main character, Grant. With their combined efforts the team has come together to tackle all 3 of these projects simultaneously. The team collectively believes in the work the WAX Blockchain is doing in keeping block transactions eco friendly and 100% Carbon Neutral. Giant Giraffe Media gives it's community Democratic power over some of the directions the company takes to NFT Pricing, storyline development, picking actors via tryouts and more in the form of community polls in our discord. We Hope you consider joining the Herd and tagging along in this journey to cultivate a WEB3 that is conducive to good culture and beneficial for all!
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