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High Jack Scully's
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SEASON ONE - IS NOW LIVE - SEASON ONE High Jack Scully’s - Are you ready to become a High Jack Scully? Overview: Arrrrgghhhh...The ‘High Jack Scully’s’ are a group of souls who have lived on Earth for many lifetimes, in many different forms, first coming to Earth’s plain of existence together. They have reunited in the underworld and have set their sights on returning to the material plain of existence. Once here, the plan is to recover many great treasures, located on a secret island, in the Pacific Ocean. These treasures will fund and assist their mission of rebalancing the Earth’s dualistic reality, but more on this in Season 2. Season 1: Treasure Hunt (Collectors Blend Game) The Scully’s have formulated a plan to reanimate on the Wax Blockchain as pirates not abiding by any man made laws, using secret formulated blends and spells. Once reanimated and united on the blockchain, they will voyage in search of the secret island of Girdogon, to locate their treasures. There are a range of 44 available treasures on Girdogon Island, of which will become available to treasure chest holders once they have been found by their trusty blockchain pirate collectors! Like you! Amongst these treasures is the one and only ‘Golden Goose’! This treasure holder will receive an NFT loaded with Wax, Wax of the value of 10% of all the drop sales for the entire season. Other treasures include the ‘Golden Egg’ – 10% of all secondary royalty sales for Season One and the ‘Golden Feather’ which will grant the holder an airdropped pack on every pack release for Season Two! The 1st Wax Blockchain Pirate to locate the treasure will receive 3 x Treasure Chests, 2nd and 3rd will receive two Treasure Chests! In total 25% of all initial drop sales for Season One’s treasure will be allocated to certain treasures available by obtaining the Treasure Chest NFT, as well as 50% of all secondary sale royalties in Season 1, certain treasures will be worth more than others. The ‘Treasure Chests’ will be used in the final treasure blends at the season finale drop where the treasures will be revealed, will you be lucky enough to obtain the ‘Golden Goose’! The Treasure Hunt will begin with ‘Scroll NFT’ drops showing instructions/chapters of the story and the blend game signed by Captain High Jack himself! Each Pirate will be needed for certain parts of the Blend/Collector (Treasure Hunt) game to access different blends and drops, so make sure to collect them all, 10 in total! All NFT cards will also be used in Season 2, except the NFT’s relevant to Season 1’s Treasure Hunt, such as, the map, treasure chests and map pieces! A scroll NFT from High Jack will be released showing the full list of Treasures available and their worth during the first half of Season 1! Hints and information will be dropped in advance on Twitter, drop a like and follow, so you don’t miss a thing, hint there will also be social competitions and free drops on Twitter only, so make sure you turn on your notifications so you don’t miss out! These hints and information drops may be well in advance and/or just before a drop occurs! There will also be time limits on some blends, some blends may reappear, some may give you one shot at the blend, so ‘Ye Beware’!! Note: Special NFT’s will become available on drops, airdrops and as blends for certain Pirates you hold throughout the season!
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