Hybrid Monster Collection

Hybrid Monster Collection
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This collection was born first of all to thank the miners of Alien Worlds Planet NERI 19:2 The complete set of Hybrid Monster NFTs is thus composed of four rarities, divided into three variants plus the promos, the promo specials, and the stickers: -Base A, B, C -Rare A, B, C -Epic A, B, C -Legendary A, B, C -Promo -Promo Special -Stickers -Ticket Packs -Small Packs -Big Packs 1) Blend the Stickers to obtain a Promo Special 2) Blend The Promo Special to obtain Packs https://neftyblocks.com/c/hybridmonste You can find Hybrid Monster NFTs by mining on Planet NERI 19:2 on Alien Worlds or in the secondary market Atomic Hub
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