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KuiperOne.io is an independent collectible NFT project developed by and for the community of NFT enthusiasts on the WAX.io blockchain. Our theme is Space and Sci-Fi in an alternate future universe where the blockchains and their communities have evolved into major corporations that control various star systems and vie for power and influence. The backstory involves a mystery surrounding the disappearance of Kuiper One, first manned mission to the Kuiper Belt. Gather resources by Social Mining and HODL Mining. Use resources and materials to build, upgrade, and equip your fleet of ships, turrets, and modules. Note: "Build", "Manufacturing", "Construction" and "Upgrade" gamification is based on Atomic Hub and Neftyblocks blends, drops, and pack opening not our own smart contracts. Learn more: https://kuiperone.io Get Connected: https://linktr.ee/kuiperone
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