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2D Game Currently Mining is an available game mode so you can $LANBX while mining with computers and gamer or VIP characters. New game modes will be available over time. 3D Game A creative 3D sandbox world. Interaction in our world starts inside a lobby of the open world. Start a chat with some friends or meet new metaverse enthusiasts. Visit other people's lands that could of been created by the landowner or an actual company. Your survival in LandBox is key as you will be presented with some challenges such as keeping your health in good standing and other players interacting with you. Each character has their own ability in the metaverse so be careful and try to stay away from those bad characters. 100 Mode is a Battle Royale style mini game where you need to collect 100 coins inside an arena. You will go up against 5 other players. Winner will earn CUBOLANDS/EXP for their NFT character and earn $LANBX.
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