Little Monsters

Little Monsters
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Mercenary Art Studio Presents Little Monsters. Reimagining classic universal and horror monsters with a twist. A classic horror set that can be enjoyed and collected by the whole family. Find out more info about our upcoming game Monster Strike and our non-custodial staking Collector Point Platform. Earn passive income by holding any of our other three NFT collections. All NFTs in Little Monsters, Dust and Blood and Fantasy io WAX collections are eligible for the Mercenary Art Studio Collector Points non-custodial staking program. Each month in addition to your qualified airdrops you will receive a number of Monster Tokens which can be kept in your WAX Wallet and used in our upcoming game Monster Clash, purchasing drops directly, upgrading your NFTs, LP rewards and more. Little Monsters Collection Dust and Blood Collection Fantasy io Collection For more info on our collections and collector point program: Collector Score Point Breakdown Discord Whitepaper Join us nightly on Twitch at 6pm PDT nightly for NFT Giveaways: Twitch Created by Jake Mackessy and featuring art from Ferry Ickhwano and Jun Premiro.
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