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Carbon offsetting technology is powered by Meta Carbon. The Vision Meta Carbon has developed the world’s first web3 carbon offsetting platform that integrates into shopping carts and loyalty programs to provide carbon offsets, badges, and rewards using NFTs. We help brands engage their audience on the topic of climate change by making carbon offsetting engaging and transparent, by utilising blockchain. The Meta Carbon vision is to make offsetting so fun that everyone will want participate! The ambition is to save 100 million trees. The Partnership This partnership enables to leverage Meta Carbon’s ability to include carbon offsetting at point of sale and add user engagement by issuing Prize NFTs to participants. The more carbon a user offsets the rarer the Prize NFT will be that they receive. Each month Meta Carbon will feature an endangered creature and everyone participating will receive a Prize NFT (Bronze to Platinum) depending on where they are on the monthly leaderboard. Meta Carbon also manages and designs the user leader boards, the NFT creative, marketing materials and issues the NFTs. Meta Carbon’s ability to fractionalize carbon transactions down to one kilogram of carbon, just 2.5 cents, which makes it possible to expose carbon offsetting to the smallest of sales and a cost-conscious audience. Quality Carbon Projects All traders on the platform will be given the opportunity to support Stand For Trees carbon development projects around the world with every transaction. This includes projects such as the Gola Rainforest in Sierra Leone, or the Rimba Raya Orangutan Reserve in Indonesia, and many others: Our Forests | Stand For Trees. You can see details of all the projects and the carbon leaderboard that makes it interactive and fun here: About Meta Carbon Brands Meta Carbon is a US-based technology company helping brands engage their audiences on the topic of climate change. Meta Carbon’s NFTs are called Carbon Creatures which represent trees and endangered creatures threatened by the destruction of their habitat. Every NFT holds a certain amount of retired carbon. The first carbon backed NFT was sold in March 2021. Funds raised from Carbon Creatures NFT sales go to purchasing and retiring carbon offsets as well as supporting local charities and organizations that protect endangered animals and their habitats. Meta Carbon operates, Stand for Trees (, a nature-based carbon offsetting platform that has been offsetting carbon for 8 years. In the process saving over 3.5M mature trees. Stand For Trees has 15 quality REDD+ projects that protect some the world’s most crucial biodiverse forestry.
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