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An Ongoing Apocalyptic Collection of Web 3.0 Collectible Digital NFTs Street Art MetaVerse Trading Cards, Originals 1/1's, 3D CleverVision Toys, House Of Clever MetaVerse Fashion, MetaVerse P2E Gaming Cards and Collectible Story Art Trading Cards by Prolific Street Urban Pop Artist, Mr Clever Art. Now Introducing CleverVision: An NFT Art, Toy, Fashion and Gaming Cards MetaVestment P2E Venture Game. Where You Own Art, Toys and Gaming P2E Through a Fully Optimized, Liquidity Mined and Scalable Portfolio of NFT Art, NFT Toys and Gaming Cards all Backed by Exchange Tradable $CLEVERS Wax Tokens. Art, Toy, Fashion and Gaming Meta-Vestment P2E with Monthly $CLEVERS Wax Tokens Airdrops. *There Will Be No Dao, Now Or In The Future. CleverVision Will Adhere Only to the Creators Vision Without Interruption or Ego of An Altered Anonymous Global Audience.* 1st Tokens Airdrops Date was 12/16/2021. 2nd Tokens Airdrops Date was 12/29/2021. 3rd Tokens Airdrops Date was 1/31/2022. 4th Tokens Airdrop was 3/3-3/14/2022. 5th Tokens Airdrop was 4/3/2022. 6th Tokens Airdrop was 5/01/2022. 7th Tokens Airdrop was 6/05/2022. *THERE ARE TOO MANY BOTS WITH BETA CARDS PLAYING NOW TO PROPERLY AIRDROP $CLEVERS TOKENS TO EVERYONE ELSE PROPERLY PLAYING, BUYING & HOLDING CLEVERVISION BETA CARDS & STILL HAVE TIME TO GROW THE CLEVERVISION GAMING.* 8th Tokens Screenshot will be 6/30/22 FOR LIQUIDITY MINED CARDS LOCATED IN PACKS, TOY PACKS, MINER CARDS, G.O.A.T. Miners & 1/1 ORIGINAL LM ORIGINALS CARDS. *THERE WILL NO LONGER BE AIRDROPS FOR CLEVERVISION BETA GAME CARDS DUE TO BOTS UNLESS YOU ALSO OWN A PAID LIQUIDITY MINER WHICH PROVES YOU ARE NOT A BOT. ALL BETA CARDS CAN SOON BE BLENDED INTO A NEW TRADING CARDS SERIES. ONCE AGAIN, THE BOTS RUINED THE GAMES. *$CLEVERS TOKENS WILL NOW ONLY BE FOR LIQUIDITY MINED CARDS LOCATED IN PACKS, G.O.A.T. CARDS, METAl TOYS & 1/1 ORIGINAL LM ORIGINALS CARDS. *NO MORE FREE BETA CARDS. THOSE WHO PURCHASE ON THE SECONDARY MARKETS WILL BE ABLE TO BLEND THOSE CARDS INTO A NEW SERIES STARTING IN MAY-JUNE 2022.* CLEVERVISION WILL NO LONGER BE FREE TO PLAY WITH FREE BETA CARDS DUE TO BOTS INTERFERENCE. Current Trading Card Box Releases Hobby Box | The Adventures of Bit.E.Rus the Dog: Genesis Box | Street Art Gold Genesis Series: Hobby Box | Dapper Dolphins Wet Society VIP PFP Trading Cards: *THERE WAS AN ERROR MADE ON BOX, MINT #1. IT DOES NOT OPEN. BLEND HERE TO RECEIVE BOX THAT WILL OPEN IF YOU SO CHOOSE TO OPEN AND NOT HODL FOR A FUTURE UPGRADED BLEND.* Current Packs Releases House Of Clever MetaVerse 3D Fashion Assets-Toys with Card Back | Toy Card Back Packs: 3D Plastic Toys with Card Back & 3D METAl Toys with Card Back | Toy Card Back Packs: PFP Characters Packs: Pre-Minted Pack Liquidity Mined Originals: Ape-Bit CC Pre-Minted Packs Originals: The Official Pack Releases For Book One, The Adventures of Bit.E.Rus the Dog Booster Packs | Mini Packs: Base Set #1 Mints | Card Numbers 5-29 | 30-50 | 51-75 | 76-100 | Pre-Minted Packs: Gold Series Genesis Pre-Minted Packs: Pre-Minted Pack Originals: Mr Clever Art | CryptoStache | Collaboration Pack #1 Current Drops Releases NFT Printing Plates | 1/1 Originals | Liquidity Miners: Liquidity Mining Passive Earners: JuxtaPop MetaVerse 3D Originals: FCUK Valentines NFTs Special: FCUK Xmas NFTs MetaXmas Special: Graff Bears Project: Members Only Bags: Airdrops Bags: NFT Books Previews: Error Cards:
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