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This collection consists of beautiful art I’ve created Some of the art will move and play music some will be still photos this collection is a Psychedelic adventure with a street art vibe from graffiti letters to amazingly colorful characters with detailed colors and unique ideas each piece takes me a few days to make I use multiple programs to create this unique art theintangible is basically a collection of art I draw and and want the world to see some of my art can be seen on my Instagram Facebook Twitter I’m the artist for thewarpedExperience.com And some of what you see here can be bought as a T-shirt on the website above I like drawing Portraits of people I know as well as famous icons and hiphopartists With some very cool and looking graffiti and tye dyed colors My inspiration for the project comes from my love for cartoons,graffiti and whatever I feel Inspires my drawings each day I plan on posting at least twice a week with a new design Some will be limited to 10 and others will only have 40 max These will be limited a limited run very worth it I’m just having fun and doing what I want with this collection and enjoying myself
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