Music Mogul

Music Mogul
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Get in the driver’s seat of your own music empire with WAX’s next blockbuster game Music Mogul. This is the ultimate Web3 tycoon game for music fans. Discover emerging artists and turn them into megastars, create legendary recording studios and dominate the charts to stardom. Music Mogul lets you live the dream of building your own record label across every genre and feel what it’s like to discover, produce and earn with a roster of Musical Artists. This is where the most exciting new musical talent on the planet converges. Master the music biz and reap the rewards by collecting the likes of Cassie O'Keyboard, Reed Phoenix, Holden Atune, Midnight Buzz and Platinum Elle (just to name a few). With hopes of catching a big break and going multi-platinum someday, their days of busking for dollar bills on the street corner and singing at karaoke parties are over. Do you have what it takes to become the next Music Mogul?
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