IceBreaker OG Penguins

IceBreaker OG Penguins
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Icebreakers is an all-inclusive Penguin Gang. The collection will feature several different “gangster” penguins which are all created by Nessiepresso (Vanessa/Nessie/Penguin Honcho/"hey you over there"). The goal for the collection is to, more than anything else, entertain the holders through fun activities and blends (with Pop Culture references in the mix). The project will progress through different phases as we evolve and more NFTs are released. To give you some context I’ve always dabbed in art-sy work and over the course of many years I developed some illustration skills. Drawing has always been a hobby up until this point, as I didn’t see utility to my so-called art. Having joined the wax blockchain and having discovered NFTs, that changed. I found a home to create and share with the community my small set of skills.
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