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I am telling a story of survival, where we are a Sentinel who will be sent to the origins of life to solve the mysteries of life on earth, he meets many creatures and mysteries, he will have to survive by building his equipment and getting his food and shelter, each nft has its story and in turn is part of a larger story,... The mechanism is simple, nft have rarity, B, V, A, S, SS. , rarity does not increase the price. if not, it decreases the number of demands and the difficulty of obtaining the NFT. Each new nft will go on sale only once and for a few days, then you can only get mixes, for example, if you want to tame a dinosaur you need lizard meat and to get it you need to catch it, for that you need a trap, for building a trap you need other materials... all this will be done by mixing... That will give a lot of value to each existing NFT. we want to create an independent based on trading and mixing, where each NFT is worth a lot and has little stock... this way the community will be self-sustaining as the market will always be on the move. You were sent to the Past, to solve the mystery of evolution. Gather the clues, collect the monsters you meet along the way, do you think that the knowledge we have today is the truth? you'll have to find out . collect the free nft with the clues of the mystery and discover your theory ... oiginal art cead with ADOBE programs ...
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