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NFTs exclusivity available on the WAX blockchain. Founded by Dylan Ironside | FWMYKIG | Featured projects: Token (PWAX) & Elixir- PWAX is a fungible token on the WAX blockchain that allows users to claim exclusive drops (vIRLs coming soon) or exchange for Elixir, the Discord server's native currency that is redeemable for NFTs from established collections found inside the server's shop channel. Users can also spend PWAX or Elixir to enter select contests and giveaways hosted inside the server. Baby Professors- Baby Professors are (1 of 1) profile picture NFTs that holders can stake in the Baby Professor Staking Farm on to earn a percentage of the Token (PWAX) prize pool. These NFTs also grant holders an exclusive role in the Discord server. The Baby Professor role allows users access to the Baby Professor chat room and to earn the server’s native currency, Elixir, by mining and gambling inside the mini-game channels.
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