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Welcome to REDSHOT Theme: The entire concept is about stone age. When there were no tech and advanced civilization. We are making NFTs based on our own storyboard of warriors who conquered the whole planet. Their avatar, weapons, city, allies, and the beautiful unseen locations will be exposed to community via NFT. In later stage we will publish entire story telling in NFTs format. These NFT will be valuable in as its not just a random NFT, even NFT will have utility in later stage where you can get eligible by having minimum requirement assets from any segment to reward yourself Special edition characters of our REDSHOT LAND for free. Our top collectors will get a chance to to become the character in our STORY. The NFTs are high end 3D designs with 60FPS playable frame rate to give you premium feel at a very basic pricing. Lets Begin the journey. Join our discord to get REDSHOT OFFICIAL LOGO NFT to own the glory.
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