Shnazzy’s E-Girls

Shnazzy’s E-Girls
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E-Girls are here to take over WAX! This project is a collection of 10,000 pfp style NFTs that represent the many eclectic women of electronics. Partial revenue from this project will go toward sponsoring gamers and streamers to get their fans engaged and involved with blockchain technology. By offering collaborations, relatable images, and free NFT opportunities, the main goal of the Shnazzy E-Girls is to help onboard a wider audience into the WAX community. This is a Shnazzy original passion project. Shnazzy is a successful illustrative artist and mother of three boys. Being a woman early into the NFT space, she understands the importance of inclusion and representation of younger women pioneering the new world of Web 3. This is why the E-Girls were born.
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