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Shroom Musings
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Just like mushrooms connect all the plants in the world through complex underground networks, Shroom Musings was created to allow the ease of collaborative efforts between multiple projects on the WAX blockchain. The simple purpose of this project is to sell AI powered artwork to raise the funds required to establish a legally protected DAO in the USA where members, founders and all participants endure NO liability for interacting with the DAO's digital assets. Some of the funds generated from market sales will be used as grant money to help other reputable projects attain legal status as a DAO in the USA. This project is here to bring structure, stability and connection to projects that are just starting or veteran projects who need a fresh boost of interest and might be worried about the upcoming cryptocurrency regulations. Once the treasury of the DAO reaches $500 USD, the first proposition will be created and there will be a vote on securing legal counsel. There will be NO FINANCIAL REWARDS paid out to any members or holders of NFTs or cryptocurrency tokens from Shroom Musings collection. We will be pumping out many unique low-mint artworks and will be offering real life prints that we can ship to almost anywhere in the world. This means high quality artwork in your home for reasonable prices. All NFTs will be stakable for SPORES which will need to be accumulated by each user in order to stake into the DAO and vote. The more SPORES a user has in their wallet, the more weight their vote can have. We will be sharing all of the information we discover and all the steps we take to insulate the DAO and it's users from financial liability. Anyone who fills out our form will be given a badge NFT and allowed access to the channels as long as they hold their NFT. Our goal is to make it easy for other projects to follow our lead and to safely create digital ecosystems that are run by it's users. We will also be using funds to provide grants to other projects looking to create a legal DAO in the USA but don't have the capital or guidance to set up an LLC with a DAO designation. We see a world where everyone can peacefully vote on the important aspects that affect our daily lives. If you currently have a project or are planning to start a NFT project on the WAX blockchain, please connect with us in our Telegram channel: @shroommusingshome Once you join we will give you a complimentary NFT and will continually provide random prizes inside our channels and groups. The funds from this project will be spent through a business licensed in the state of Arizona, USA and can be verified here: earthblossom and gr33nm4nmet4 WAX wallets are property of Earth Blossom Manor LLC and are the only authorized wallets to sign transactions for Earth Blossom Manor LLC.
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