Skeleton Love NFT Assets

Skeleton Love NFT Assets
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EASTER Series of Multiple Skeleton Scinario & Situations ranging from absolutely rediculous all the way to exceptionally genius! Each Set will contain 10 types of Rising Skeleton NFT's. Back Each Token with 2 wax each NFT, then transfer back to - 5dbuo.wam. They will all be burned. This will secure a 1 of 10 minted Skeleton LOVE ASSET NFT MEMBERSHIP (skelovememba - verified on NEFTY) sent to your wallet with 75% of the initial backed wax (15wax) as a new backed membership NFT. *NOTE - The Full Set can also be returned WITHOUT wax for a plain Skeleton LOVE NFT collectable. (Members must provide 1 - 10 of the original Skeletons Rising NFT's each backed by 2 wax in order to qualify for the exclusive Asset NFT which will also secure a 10 - 20 top spot in this project as The OG Investment Crew, unlocking an "above all others" level of privelage, exclusive access to this group on Discord, MECH token privelages/drops, the 1st to know access on all future NFT projects/drops as well as full Epic Early Engager Status as long as the Skeleton Love Asset NFT backed by the 75% of investment remains within your WAX wallet! (Membership Required WAX Stake will Increase by 2x each New Season, total 100 memberships for this project) LIVE STREAMS - TELEGRAM - @Escape_Control TOKEN on TWITTER - @MECH_theta
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