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SkeLoveMemba NFT Assets
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SEASON 3 HALLOWEEN 2022 - EASTER 2023 - skeLOVEmemba series of Scinario & Situations ranging from absolutely ridiculous to exceptionally genius! Each Season will contain 10 types of Rising Skeleton NFT's. IF YOU HAVE RECEIVED A SET - Back EACH NFT with 2 wax, then transfer to - 5dbuo.wam. The risingskele NFT will all be burned to secure a 1 of 1 of the season EXCLUSIVE custom created SkeLOVEmemba MEMBERSHIP(skelovememba - verified on NEFTY). 75%(30wax) of the season3 membership fee (40wax) is backed to membership NFT. *NOTE - The Full Set can also be returned WITHOUT wax for a plain Skeleton LOVE NFT collectable. (Members must provide 1 - 10 of the original Skeletons Rising NFT's each backed by 2 wax in order to qualify for the exclusive Asset NFT which will also secure their season2 - 10 to 20 spot in this project as The O.G Investment Crew, unlocking an "above all others" level of privilege, exclusive access to this group on Discord, MECH token privileges/drops, the 1st to know access on all future NFT projects/drops as long the Skeleton Love Asset NFT backed by the season fee remains within your WAX wallet! (Membership Required WAX Stake will Increase by 2x each New Season, total 100 memberships for this project) LIVESTREAMS - TELEGRAM - @Escape_Control TOKEN on TWITTER - @MECH_theta
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