SPA - Spark Plug Associates

SPA - Spark Plug Associates
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We at SPA (Spark Plug Assoc.) are an artistic community born from the metaverse; We create our own original ‘SPA’ art collections based on our own original characters and our own original stories - completely new creations designed for imaginary port-in; perhaps one day a true port if the opportunities presents themselves - however; —— OUR NFTs DO NOT CURRENTLY HAVE PLANS/ROAD MAP FOR PORT INTO THE/ANY METAVERSE - AT THIS TIME WE ARE STRICTLY A NON-PORTABLE, INDEPENDENT WAX COLLECTION. —— Our NFT collection and Intellectual Assets (including Mr. SPArk Plug, SPApa Parts and the SPA Logo) were fully created by our Discord group linked here: As a friendly community born from the metaverse; we would like to extend an open invitation to metaverse developers that might be interested in partnering with us - visit our discord (linked above) to learn more about the SPA Community today!
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