Spinning Crypto Icons

Spinning Crypto Icons
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Welcome to the Biggest Coin Collection on the Wax Platform! The Collection Include 5 Main Lines atm.: SpinningCoin: The Main Line of the collection, Normal spinning Icons of Crypto coins. 500 Assets per template! ProjectLine: NFTs designs that are connected to the Collection as a project (Main Logo for example) SpecialIcons: Premium Line, Special Editions of Crypto coins for special events. WaxColabLine: The Line will present Wax Collection Logos in a cool 3D Design. GoldenLine: Higher Rarity line of Golden Logos with limited supply. In the future we are planning to open more Lines in different Rarity! Get your Favorite Spinning Icon today! All of These Icons are FanArt and for swag purposes. I am not endorsed by any crypto company, none of my designs are connected to the crypto companies, my designs are just Fanart for fun and shouldnt be taken seriously. I am not associated with or sponsored by the trademark owner and i dont own any copyright or trademarks of these logos.
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