Survival Game

Survival Game
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You watched the movies. You played the games. You read the books. Now it's time to experience the end of the world in the NFT space. Survival Game is a story driven collection with weekly chapters. You can be part of the story by collecting and blending NFTs. Latest Drops! 📦 Storyline: You will find yourself in a small city called Green Lake. One day, you wake up and find out that there's no electricity. In fact, your cellphone, your computer and your car also don’t work. You get out of your house and realize that the whole city had a blackout. No electronic devices work. What happened? Each week we will have a new chapter to this story and you will collect cards to find out what happened in Greenlake and how to survive in this new tough world. Blend your cards to move forward in the story. Blend new items and discover clues to find out what happened and to help rebuild the world. OPEN PACKS MISSIONS/BLENDS
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