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TerorMonster NFT Project - Classic Peer-to-Peer Online Strategy, Farming and Simulation Battle RPG. Welcome new and experienced Trainers! Let's battle! You begin as a New Trainer and can Earn Rewards, Higher Ranks, and new TerorMonsters by completing our Discord and Telegrak Quests, Breedings and Battles! Join here: https://discord.gg/BzRkJCVb There are Currently 45+ TerorMonsters Out There Ready to be Huntet! There are 4 different elements (Nature, Water, Fire, and Thunder). TerorMonsters can be used to Trade, Fight, Evolve, and Breed new Special TerorMonster NFTs! Each Month we have Awesome Battles, Trading Events, Quiz, Catching Events and Much much more! Our Trainers will each month receive an Airdrop of 1x Terorstarter (male or female) for each pair they own. And up to 5 for each TerorFarm, you own. The Terorpacks can be burned, for pack opening, please contact us, to Receive your Airdrops. and Breedings. Join our Discord to get started with quests and battles now: https://discord.gg/BzRkJCVb
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