Terraformers, Many Worlds

Terraformers, Many Worlds
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On the forefront of cutting edge technology, TFMW is a brewing concoction of AI Generated Art, NFT-FI and "ARPG Inspired" Deep Itemization. Mint lands, build robots and explore higher dimensions as you unravel the mysteries of the cosmos within our metaverse. Currently, in Expansion 2, lands serve as the foundation of our metaverse, allowing players to passively mine $BLKHL tokens that can be used to mint more lands. With the release of Expansion 3, the $BLKHL token, as well as the other four tokens, will adopt brand new use cases within the Robot Game; the first 100% on-chain, turn-based, RPG game with in-depth mechanics, where players can send out Robots on missions within algorithmically generated worlds, all stored as NFTs. Within these worlds (called Dreams), Robots can explore, interact and participate in up to five different activities, such as excavating fossils, fighting enemies from higher dimensions or fishing for end game gear. Whitepaper: https://doyen.gitbook.io/tfmw Socials: https://linktr.ee/doyen.gg Contact: https://doyen.gitbook.io/tfmw/legal-and-support/contact
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