The Duck Butts™

The Duck Butts™
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Do you love BAYC and Punks and Gutter Cats and SuperYeti and Arabian Camels and (insert new project here), but are tired of staring at faces? Are you passionately devoted to WAX and long for something a little more... cheeky? Then the TiDBYTS Duck Butt Collective is the thing for you! Enjoy 365 randomly generated, 1 of 1 Duck Butts each with unique personality and style! We know we can't compete with powerhouses like BAYC, we're just a small father/son operation trying to put smiles on faces (butts?) and do something in our own silly, backward way (we make NFTs about Ducks, after all). And we love the full transparency of knowing what we're getting, which is why we're doing this auction-style. One Duck Butt goes up for auction every day M-F and lasts approximately 15 hours. Each Duck Butt is guaranteed to have at least one unique trait (0.27% chance) that NO OTHER Duck Butt will have! Some Duck Butts will have multiple unique traits and are VERY rare, but they're all equally beautiful. Don't Duck Butt shame. Owning a Duck Butt grants you exclusive membership to the Duck Butt Collective which includes Free DuckDuckMoos cards, Golden Egg Drops (each backed by 50-100WAX), and sticker drops for as long as you HODL (and more to come...)! In the spirit of giving back, 25% of the proceeds earned from sales will go toward charity (to be determined). In addition to this, another 25% of proceeds will go toward establishing the TiDBYTS Fund, a way to give back to the NFT community and help new artists get their collections off the ground (established after all 365 Duck Butts have been sold). Welcome to The Duck Butt Collective! Twitter: Website: All rights, including reproduction rights, reserved by TiDBYTS LLC. Copyright 2021.
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